About Dr. Robert T. Motazedi at Vital Life Hormone Replacement Clinic

Robert T. Motazedi, M.D.
Robert Motazedi, M.D.

Robert T. Motazedi, M.D., a Bioidentical Doctor in Colorado Springs, is double board certified in both cosmetic laser surgery and anti-aging medicine.  For 25 years, he has owned and operated the Vital Life Hormone Replacement Clinics medical facility. He has dedicated himself to the establishment of a modern facility that prides itself on offering patients safe and effective laser treatments, and other cosmetic procedures as well as anti-aging medicine. He understands that aging skin, scarring and other cosmetic issues plaguing patients can effect not only their self-esteem but also their quality of life.

Robert T. Motazedi, M.D., is a Colorado physician has practiced medicine since 1986, and he has always been interested in pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Motazedi’s interest in hormone replacement to reverse aging related problems really started in 1986 when he worked with Edward Rhodes, M.D., a Board Certified Urologist in Denver.


At that time, Dr. Rhodes was a pioneer in the field of hormone replacement for men and treated everything from erectile dysfunction to infertility in both men and women. This experience ignited Dr. Motazedi’s interest in what would later become the field of Anti-Aging Medicine.

In 1998, Dr. Motazedi was one of the very first physicians to attend a conference solely devoted to reversing the aging process and restoring the body to its optimum performance. He was one of a handful of physicians discussing the possibilities of what this new area of medicine could do for the aging population.

This last decade has brought about an explosion in this field and what was considered to be impossible has finally now become a reality. Advances in hormone replacement have opened the floodgates to restoring a person’s vitality, strength, sense of wellbeing, and brain function.

Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Bob Dr. Motazedi provides excellent patient care and excellent customer service to his patients! Dr. Bob has helped me tremendously and has changed the quality of my life. I have more energy, I sleep better, and I feel like my “old self” again. I cannot thank Dr. Bob enough for his caring, friendly, and superb care. I highly recommend his clinic!!!”
– Vikki B.

“I have been going to the Vital Life Hormone Replacement Clinic for quite some time now for hormone replacement, to have the veins around my nose treated and to have a dark spot on my face removed with laser treatment. The dark spot is gone, the veins are just about gone, and the testosterone has made me feel so much better, just like the doctor promised. Dr. Motazedi is very knowledgeable and very easy to talk to. His office staff is wonderful. I would recommend him for any type of laser or hormone therapy.”
– Heidi S.

“Visiting Vital Life Hormone Replacement Clinic was the best thing I’ve ever done. Starting with the fact that prior to my visit I had no energy, depression, hot flashes every 15 minutes along with absolutely no sex drive. I was 43 years of age and just had an Oophorectomy, that is where they remove both ovaries. As a young woman at that point I felt as though someone flipped a switch. I knew I had to do something about it. I knew hormones were needed but which ones. After searching and researching it was a no brainier to go the bio- identical path. Dr. Motazedi and staff were to me my saving grace. The compassion and understanding I received was beyond any I have ever received from any Drs in my life. It’s been over 1 year, I couldn’t be happier and my husband now is also a patient of Dr. Motazedi.
– Virginia L.